Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Another Day

Image courtesy: Tumblr

You called me weak
But today I stand strong
No more compromises
The world is mine alone

Today is a brand new day
The past no longer matters
I have it in me that can't be
Shaken or taken away

I pay no heed to the fools around
Little do they realize
That the joke is on them...
Those ignorant fools!

Today belongs to me 
As I grasp it by my hands
I'm no longer scared
The world is mine alone...

P.S. This has been lying in my draft for quite some time now.

P.P.S. Been tinkering around with the blog and while I'm no techie, hope it looks better!


  1. hey aathira :D ur blog looks soo prettay now with all the banners etc!!! and needless to say ur poem is awesome!!!!

  2. that's a nice and motivating poem :)

  3. Very inspirational, and the blog looks awesome!

    Only problem is the header image and blog header are overlappng but that happens in some of the most awesome templates, guess we can't have it all. Sigh!

    1. Thanks so much K!

      Have fixed the header issue with the help of a kind friend. Hope it works better now :) I'd tried to fix that issue but like I mentioned I'm technically challenged :D

  4. I can sense your feelings which made you to write the piece.

    We all look up to the Independent and strong girls(women) out there! No need to say that we love them immensely.
    It is said that women are blessed with enough patience to stay, And enough strength to move on. Finally when she determines to move on and rise then no force can match up to her determination.

    Congratulations for being one and A big toast to the strong woman that is YOU !

    P.S: The girl in the picture letting down her hair freely is a perfect complement to the post :)

    P.P.S: Hahaha All the 5 images above near the header reflect your deepest fantasies *Sigh*--Wondering how you managed to find a template with all of your favs at one place?
    Inci-coinci-acci-Coacci-DENT? :D or is it your own tweaking! Hmmm now I'm Bewitched by those images esp the muffin :). You made me long for a choco-muffin now. Looks like I need to sneak out now to... :D

    1. Thanks so much Stranger! You still remain a mystery to me! But a heartfelt thanks to read my posts and write me such detailed comments :)

      P.S. The header was my own doing as there was no way on earth I would find all the things I love at one place ;) Thanks to the miracles of a good photo editor :D Hope you had that muffin!

  5. She fought with herself and him to be free.
    This was inspiring!
    I like the tweaking :D

    1. Thank you Red! :) So glad you like the changes!

  6. I loved this poetry. And the ones you wrote earlier. I really like the way you write.
    Read your story "Tainted Red" in Mango Chutney and the moment I read your name ....I remembered's Aathira :)
    Amazing write ups...simple stories, wonderfully told :)

    1. Awww!! Thanks a ton, Sushree! It always makes my day when a reader tells me about 'Tainted Red' :) Being my first published story, it shall always remain close to my heart :) THANK YOU!

  7. I feel like this when I wake up in the morning after a particularly horrendous day.

    1. Yes, we all need some inspiration in life to move forward after that kind of a day.

  8. Lovely words Aathira!

    Love the new look! But you might want to change the color of your title as it is not legible enough.

    1. Thanks Soum! Fixed that issue with the help of a friend. None of the colours I tried out were working. Hope it's looking fine now :)


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