Friday, November 27, 2015

Apple Of My Eye

She sees the plane flying overhead 
Laughs and calls it a giant butterfly 
She is bright, my little one 
Has her heart in the right place 

Blowing pixie dust my way 
Her giggles are the sweetest sound
Music to my ears, apple of my eye
Grasping dreams tightly in her palms

Ground her in reality
She is bound to end up in trouble 
Just like her mother 
I pay no heed to those careless words

They are born out of spite 
Each time I let the string tying her
Fly a little higher 
Carrying her laughter out loud in the wind 

She wants to be a dragon slayer,
A warrior when she grows up 
I blow kisses her way
There's no stopping her

And today we chase the end of the rainbow together...


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