Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The year that was 2017

2017 has been quite the year for me. Yes, I have been MIA here and on many other platforms due to a long list of personal reasons. The first of which is motherhood :) I have been blessed with two twin tornadoes, my tinies - a baby boy and a baby girl :) :) They are almost one and a half now and my hands have been full all this while. 

This post is long pending and I owe it to you, dear reader and the blog that has been home all this while, as to where I was. I shall write more frequently as this is something that has been missed greatly. Because this is who I am. So, if you are making the time to read, let me just say thank you. It means a lot. 

Almost two years of not writing or blogging and I'm kind of skeptical if I still have my writing mojo with me. I still hope I do. I'm back for good and there shall be more stories from my end. So, till next time...


  1. Welcome back, Aathira!
    So nice to have you back online. Love to your twinadoes:* :*

  2. Congrats again, Aathira! Glad to see you back here. Write and post whenever you can. It is difficult to blog when you have two tiny cuties to take care of. My little one is 21 months now and it is super hard even with just one baby on tow. Take it easy and do write - it will help you with the exhaustion a teeny bit. :)

  3. sooooo happppyyyyyyy for you :)

  4. Yayyyyy you are back! I have terribly missed you and your stories :)

    Congrats on the double adorable trouble! I know you'll make an amazing mom! Can't wait to read their chronicles here :)

    Lots of love! <3

  5. I have same doubts too. Good to see u being back...may b I should brave and dust it too

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