Friday, October 21, 2016


Your mouth tastes like regret and pain
In your eyes I see the scars that escaped your body 
I see you flinch when I hold you 
Don't you know all I want is to soothe your pain 
But I can't protect you from the world 
Your battles are your own, just like mine 
Imperfectly, we will fit together someday, like a jigsaw 
Till then I wait for you
Patiently, impatiently...


  1. You are like wine, getting better by the day.
    Also, your words spark off so many words in my head all the time, you may end up being my muse <3:*

    1. That's one of the best things for me to read whenever I need a boost. Thank you, Love :*

  2. wow !
    this one is amazing aathira :)

  3. that is a such a poignant poem! 'Your battles are your own' b'ful line <3


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