Monday, November 21, 2011

Taking a BREAK- A luxury or a necessity?

The luxury of having nothing to do but read and write all day long. Throw in a couple of chocolate bars, a tub of rich chocolate flavoured ice cream, I think I would call it my personal heaven. It is a luxury. The luxury of doing what you want in your own time.

Scurrying around to the calls of the world, not to mention your job, it is a luxury that most of us would die for. Well, your idea of luxury may not be the same. It may be going shopping, watching a little TV or watching that favourite movie you have already seen, like a thousand times. Or it may be taking your dog out for a walk in the park, simply sitting on the beach watching the sunset.

We often forget to grab even a tiny piece of luxury, or a step outside of our routine lives. Everything goes as planned, from the time we wake up at the sound of our mobile phone alarm ringtone to the time we spend talkin to our loved ones.

The stress sometimes gets too much to bear that it might result in some of us having a nervous breakdown or feeling disappointed with ourselves. Couldn't that be avoided? It may seem like a luxury, having a little time to do what we enjoy doing the most, but in fact, could be an actual necessity, when it comes down to it.

From time to time, we feel the urge to wind down, slow things down a bit. Mostly and most of us, ignore that urge and tend to carry on like nothing is wrong. What we don't know is the damage that we are doing to ourselves and our dear ones in the long run. So, take a little time off right now and enjoy the things that's happening around you. You may be very surprised with the results!


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