Sunday, August 4, 2013

Why I love to Write

Felt like writing, so I am going to list out a few things that are coming to my mind right now on Why I love to write (Forgive the bullet points, but just felt like writing to the point as of now). So, here goes:

  • Writing is relaxing and soothes my nerves.
  • Writing is great way to unwind and get things off your mind.
  • Writing makes me happy !
  • It gives me a sense of power. Never underestimate the power of words!
  • Nobody judges you, unless you decide to share it with someone like in a blog or a book. 
  • Words make great friends. You can create a new world out there.
  • Writing inspires. Yes, you may find a flash of inspiration right here and now.
  • Writing is beautiful & soulful when written from the bottom of your heart.
  • It is a way of telling your side of the story, whether someone reads it or not is up to them.
  • Writing is special. It is a gift that very few get, so embrace it.
  • A pencil becomes a magic wand.
  • Writing, for me, is nothing short of a miracle...

1 comment:

  1. I hopped on to this post as the title of this post made me very curious :)
    I loved every reason you wrote down esp the one "Writing is beautiful & soulful when written from the bottom of your heart."

    P.S. As a school boy, I always used to start my stories with a "Once upon a time" :D :D (Whenever I was asked to narrate a story in our english class)


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