Sunday, November 3, 2013

Extreme Vs Moderate

If at all there was a comparison between choosing the Extremes or doing something in Moderation were to be there, any sensible person would choose to be moderate. After all, neither of anything in too much is supposed to be good for you. But being the weird & Unique (or so I like to console myself) I am, I sadly beg to differ. The word moderate is not in my dictionary. In fact, I rarely know how to do anything in moderation. Be it eating good food to hearing a favorite song to trusting someone. Yes, I admit is shamelessly. If I like a particular flavor of ice cream, for instance, I make sure I keep eating the same thing until I get sick of it. Same goes to a new favorite song that I happen to come across. I save it on my phone/ PC and keep listening to the same thing in a loop. Weird, right?! And yes, trusting someone blindly, if I take a liking towards someone. And more often than not, extremism has sure landed me in trouble many a time. When I am into something or someone, I do so with a Passion. Can I get away with blaming my Sun sign for that? Being the true Leo that I am, dare I blame it on the Lion inside? Leos, are infinitely capable of exhibiting brutal or extreme behavior. 

I have no complaints, though the people around me could be subject to the after effects of my extreme behavior! But all I know is, it's much better to be weird/ unique (depending on how you see it) to being normal/ boring. I am not calling being normal boring or tedious. It is simply put, a saner version of the YOU inside!

Though we live in a Society where being different often gets labelled as weird, follow your dreams & live life on your terms. Only You know what's is the best for you. Spread your wings and fly high, at least once in a while!

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