Thursday, December 12, 2013


I know it's been quite some time since I have written here. Being tied up with some things in Life. However, today, despite the fact that it's a weekend evening and the fact that I would love to do nothing other than crawl back into my bed & basically do nothing, I know that I would not rest till I wrote down what is on my mind right now. YES. The most talked about topic during the past two days- Sec 377. Is homosexuality such a BIG crime? I happened to read an article about the topic today on Facebook & needless to say, some of the comments that I read were downright shocking. I mean, seriously, which ERA are we living in? Though we have come a long way in technology & claim to be modern in our thinking & our social lives, is being GAY a crime? Not only were the comments rude, some came across to me as insensitive, thoughtless & downright poisonous. Some people even claim that a person being gay is part of the Western culture & influence. REALLY? Dude, what were you THINKING when you post such stuff on social networking sites? EVERYONE has the right to live his or her own life & your sexual preference should entirely be your own business. Does anything that is not being followed become ABNORMAL or against the law of nature? I kindly request everybody to please think for a minute before passing such unfair comments. 

How come it is OKAY for a man to abuse his wife and children & then portray a gentleman's image in the economy? Domestic violence still EXISTS. So does Child abuse. So does Sexual abuse. Isn't it high time
that the economy paid more attention to those rather than interfering their nose in a person's sexuality? Isn't it time that people paid more attention to bringing up children as good human beings?

 Being GAY is not a CRIME. In a country which is claiming to be forward thinking, Sex is something which is still talked about behind closed doors. What may appear to be different is often termed as 'odd' or 'weird' or 'unnatural'. Most of it is shunned, or worse, ignored. And suddenly, you become the outcast. Yes, the one on whom all the fingers get pointed at. Yes, the one behind whose back cruel jokes are made. The One whom everyone is curious to see. Does he/ she have an extra head or two? My humble request to these people would be PLEASE grow up. As human beings, we all have the freedom to SEXUALITY, irrespective of the fact that you may be straight, lesbian or a gay. It is not OKAY to hurt the feelings of others. It is not OKAY to make fun of others, just because they don't answer you back. It is just that they have made a CHOICE. A choice to choose liberation & stand by it. 


  1. I guess it s been a long time something had been seriously and concretely done to curb such abnormal behavior rampant in our society…

  2. I don't get why most Indians are still so backward when it comes to such issues...


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