Sunday, August 17, 2014

I Confess...

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... that I may be far from perfect but I love my imperfections and it makes me, Me.

... that I'm poor at keeping in touch with people. Even friends. A few have stuck with me over the years and for that, I'm grateful.

... that I have been spending the entire day watching Desperate Housewives and loving it. And so involved was I with it that I have done nothing worthwhile today. I know, I know. That it's nothing to be proud of. But still.

... that when I really hate someone, I make up weird stories about them in my head. Which usually ends by them leading a miserable life or dying gruesome deaths while I gloat over it. You don't want to know the details.

... that I have a fetish for smelling things. From food to books to old clothes. Slightly disgusting? 

... that I love people who love books. They make the world a better place.

... that if I see someone eating or making delicious stuff while watching a movie or a TV show, I get hungry.

... that fake people annoy me. Where has all the genuine thoughts and feelings in the world escaped to?

... that people who love to boast turns me off. I'm least bothered if your son is a doctor or an engineer and doing really well. Good for him! But no need to bore with the unnecessary details.  And you wear designer clothes and jewelry? So do I. Keep it to yourself unless I ASK you. Your desperation begins to show right from the moment you open your mouth to brag. 

... that I feel like smacking the faces of people who use a condescending tone while 'enquiring' about my life. It's my life and I live it the way I like. So before you even begin to judge me, please sort out your issues first. 

... that no matter how bad chocolates, ice creams and anything sinful are for my alarming weight, I can't survive without the sugar rush.

... that I hate lending books and getting it back with bent spines and dog eared pages. I treat them with the utmost care and unless you intend to treat them the same way, please don't ask whether you could borrow them. Chances are I won't give it to you. At all. 

... that I hate nosy people. And I love how things I don't tell pisses them off. 

... that messiness is my middle name. My cupboard stays neat and tidy for a week. At the most. And my place would look like a hurricane had hit it when you come home. Unless you plan on 'informing' me beforehand. 

... that I have a lot of voices shouting inside my head, offering a million opinions. And all I do is smile and keep my mouth shut. I get the final laugh either ways. 

... that I have still not mastered the perfect temperature when it comes to air conditioning. It's always either too hot or too cold. 

... that I end up buying all the books in a series. Irrespective of the fact whether I'll like it or not. What if I do love it AND I finish reading the first part AND can't wait to know what happens next? Better safe than sorry. 

... that I have a bad phase going on right now. Maybe someday I shall write it out here. 

... that I have my secrets. I don't intend to confess all of them right now.


  1. 4. Well, I do the same and yeah lets' don't dispense the details. So, high-five to that. Though, I have to admit that it isn't something to be proud of or high-five worthy. But still.

    5. Guess, I will be up in the list. (Okay, that didn't come out so well. Sorry, my bad! And ofcourse, I was kidding.)

    7. Okay, now I am hungry. Not fair at all.

    11. You shouldn't have mentioned chocolate or icecream. Now where am I going to get either at this hour of the night ( 01:30 AM).

    16. Thats' the thing about air-conditioning and showering. There is no perfect temperature. It's either too hot or too cold. Its' how it works. And by any chance it is perfect, you did something wrong. #justSaying

    18. That phase shall pass. I hope for the best to come.

    19. You already confessed like 18 of them. How many more secrets do you have? :O

    1. 4. Yes, let us not dispense the details. High-five to that :) Some people deserve it. Totally. So there's nothing to feel guilty about ;)

      5. The smelling thing? :D

      7. Sorry! Make some Maggi or something? :)

      11. Double sorry! Should never hurt the feelings of a fellow chocoholic cum blogger. Never again.

      16. You said it. Due to the same reason, it's never perfect :)

      18. I hope so too. Thanks so much!

      19. Damn! I didn't count the number of confessions! Thanks for doing that too :) And don't we all have our little secrets? Some that we intend to take to the grave? ;)

    2. 5. umm, yeah. I actually meant in a good smelling thing. :P

      7 & 11. Its' okay. Apologies aren't need among bloggers. :)

      19. Umm, actually I was just trying to refer the comment to the adjacent points you made, so I had to count. Yes, we all do have secrets. And yes again.

    3. That's very sweet of you! Thank you :) I feel lucky to be connected to such wonderful bloggers!

  2. Nice! All of us so many things to confess about. And yes I do share a lot of confessions in common with you :-P

  3. The number of points I relate to on a very personal basis is creepy now :O Why aren't we twins, again?

    1. Seriously? So glad that I'm not alone in my weirdness! :) We could be something like the 'hand twin' probably :)

  4. You are my soul sister babe.. I confess to each and every point mentioned here.
    But I can't believe the second one. Man that was a bummer!
    And yes I hate lending books too. God, every thing is sooo true for me as well.

    I'm sure you're my Kumbh ke mele mein bichdi hui behen :P

    1. No kidding! Yeah, the second one truly sucks, right? Could be the reason why I have only a handful of friends!

      Why lend books when you have that sickening feeling that you will never see them? Or worse, they may come back with more than a couple of missing pages! Horror of horrors.

      I didn't really follow that last one, though. My hindi knowledge is pathetic! But I think I got the gist of it and yes, you are my sister :)

  5. Oh Aathira, you ARE my soul sister! Even though we are born a day apart, I can relate to everything you have written here. Everything.

    1. Really?! This is great :) This post was written randomly. Had no idea that so many could relate to it. Thanks so much, Babe :) It is comforting to know that somebody out there shares my traits :)

  6. I must say i dont know why everyone says they are Imperfect.. do we know who is perfect :) because No one is .. and maybe this imperfect is the Perfect :)

    now those are a lot of confessions :)


    1. Yes, no one is perfect. But there are a lot who act as though they are perfect. Or rather, their life is! And that is irritating! Big time.

      A lot of confessions. Yes, indeed! But it feels good to have it off my chest, if you know what I mean.

  7. Reading your confessions was fun. K, wrong word, but seriously, was fun :D You'd be right in smacking those faces. And, my room always looks like it's hit by hurricane even if you tell me you're coming (unless it crosses mum's tolerance level ;) )
    lending books and not getting them back :( (I should kill them *evil grin*) Can relate to almost all and I am hungry now. I should stop or I will keep writing!
    Btw! There are more secrets? Looking forward to it then ;)

    1. Do keep writing. I love reading long comments :) And yes, I had fun writing it as well :) So you don't have to feel that it was a wrong choice of word. There are days when I've felt that I had got some of the Monica Geller syndrome! It's nothing to be proud of, but cleaning is such a big job. Lending books? I've learnt it the hard way! No more lending for me. No sir! I hope you went and munched on some chocolates to curb that hunger ;)

      The remaining secrets? Maybe, some day :)

  8. I confess that I share many of your confessions :)
    Feels light to confess, doesn't it?

    1. Thanks for not making me feel like I was the only one, Anita :) And yes, this confession has done me wonders! Must do it more often, I guess!

  9. I confess that I am just like you.
    Hope the bad phase goes away me it will :)

    1. Glad to know that I'm not rocking the boat alone :) And Thank you, Red! I hope it goes away soon too.

  10. I loved the last confession the most :).

  11. I confess that I am guilty of most of them too :) It's really a relief to elt some secrets out, isn't it?

    1. So glad that I'm not alone here :) Yes, it's a relief to get things off your chest. Though I have no idea when it's going to land me in trouble ;)


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