Wednesday, September 17, 2014

On 'Message in a Bottle' and 'Carrie'

It's been one week since I blogged last. Blame it on my laziness or the convenient writer's block which is usually the scapegoat for the former reason. But either ways, I did miss writing. Personally I feel that though a break can be good, I find it hard to get back to writing after a gap. Maybe, it's just me. But writing regularly is like working out regularly. You start getting better at and it begins to show :) I shall consciously make an effort to blog more often. I miss the me that I'm when I write and let my thoughts flow. Sometimes, I wonder about how delightful it would be if one could just let your thoughts be transformed straight into beautiful words. But then, I guess the fun of writing would be gone. You won't be able to feel the words flow from your fingers and that's one thing that makes writing worthwhile, doesn't it? 

Of course, that's just one of the reasons to write. Sometimes, you need to write because that is the only way there is. You write because you find yourself through it; you find joy in hearing the sound that your pencil makes when it scratches against paper. But the one thing that I can't live without, even if I don't write regularly is to read. And read I did. Two wonderful books by two different authors in two extreme genres- romance and horror. Yes, I read 'Message in a Bottle' by Nicholas Sparks and 'Carrie' by Stephen King. 

About 'Message in a Bottle':

I do enjoy reading Nicholas Sparks from time to time and had seen the movie based on this book long back. I'd forgotten most of it by now, but what I did remember was that I'd enjoyed it immensely. With that in mind, I picked up this book. 

When Theresa, single, divorced and mother to a twelve year old boy, discovers a message in a bottle on a morning during her run on the beach, she is surprised to say the least. What she expects to be the whim of a child reveals itself to be a heart wrenching letter written to a Catherine by her lover- Garrett. Being a columnist, her curiosity is aroused and she soon discovers couple more of these letters by chance, received by different people. 

What starts off as a journey to discover the face behind these touching letters, soon turns into something which is beyond her control. As she meets Garrett and falls in love with him, the invisible presence of Catherine casts a dull shadow over their relationship. I'm not going to talk more about the story as you would have to find it out yourself or it would take the fun out of reading the book. 

But, what I can tell you is this- be prepared to be left teary eyed when you finish with it. You will find the magic with which Sparks moves you, with each and every word he has written. I loved this one! But the best part of the book are, of course, the beautiful beautiful letters that Garrett writes. It's no surprise that women fall so hard for writers who have the ability to move you through their words! I would give this a four stars on five. 

About 'Carrie':

Ironic as it may sound, Carrie is the first book by Stephen King that I read. Yes and it was only last week! Anyhow, better late than never, right? Especially when it comes to writers like King. Carrie tells the story of the seventeen year old Carrie White who is the butt of cruel jokes and pranks in her school. From being controlled by a religious fanatic of a mother and being made constant fun of by her peers, one can't help but feel sympathy for the confused teenager. 

But there is one thing which makes Carrie special, a secret which she harbors. She has telekinetic powers, the ability to move objects using her mind. King builds the story well towards a powerful climax- on the night of the prom. 

The story is narrated through paper clipping and from newspapers, magazines and excerpts from books. It simultaneously also narrates what Carrie was actually going through. I would give it a three stars on five simply because I didn't enjoy the narration in some places. The articles and magazine clippings seemed a bit too drab for my taste. Thankfully, that was only in a few places as I loved the book and the story. 

King has done full justice to each of the characters- be it her mother or her classmates like Sue and Chris. A book not to be missed if you are a fan of the horror genre, like me. And a must read for all King fans. Even if you are not one, you just might turn one after reading this!  


  1. Aathira, do you really write with a pencil?! That would take me 'forever!' ;) The words fly (or 'flow' as you say) from my fingers much better when on a keyboard. ;) I haven't seen either movie nor read either book, though the former would appeal to me. After one particular horror movie, I never went back to see another. Too realistic for me. ;) Glad you are back at writing as I enjoy your stories. :) <3

    1. Thank you for reading, Elly! I don't always write with a pencil. But I do love the sound it makes against a paper! I love to see the words down on paper, actually.

      And you should give the movie a try. I meant Message in a bottle. I'm yet to watch Carrie, though I have a feeling it's going to be great as well. Do keep visiting :)

  2. Two wonderful authors indeed. And, I haven't read any of their books :( Will do it in the coming month. I know, I know. But yes, I haven't read Stephen's till date. And, yes, couldn't agree more. The words have to flow through the fingers (at the least in my case) Keep writing. Best Wishes.

    1. Thank you, Shanx. Do give Nicholas Sparks a read. If you love reading about love, then his books are not to be missed. Try starting with The Guardian, that was really good. About Stephen King, I have to read some of his other works and see if they captivate me as much :)

  3. Message in a bottle - looks like a sure read for me. About the latter, let me see ;)

    1. I have the feeling you are going to like Message in a bottle. Do let me know your thoughts if you decide to give it a read! Thank you, Babe :)

  4. Message, sounds good. I'd read some other good reviews as well. I wasn't so sure of Stephen King, but the way you've reviewed Carrie makes me reconsider :)


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