Monday, July 13, 2015

Sunshine Blogger Award

I know that I haven't been writing much here these days. But I'm back. No matter where I go, I shall always find my way back here. Like coming home. And what better way to get my spirits up before picking up my pen than accepting the Sunshine Blogger Award! Thanks so much Sachin for nominating me :) He blogs here. I know I'm a bit late in accepting it. But better late than never. I still can't believe I haven't written anything this month. I do hope to get a lot more writing done for the reminder of the month though. 

So, here are my answers to the questions that Sachin has asked me: 

1. When did you join the blogging world? Did any incident/ person inspire you to do so?

Though I had created the blog way back in 2011, it was only last year that I started taking writing seriously. I was going through a bad phase in life and writing helped me find myself once again. Today, it has become a part of me and I can never dream of giving it up. Writing has become a part of me and if I don't write, I'm not sure I would be myself ever again. For me, writing is healing and therapeutic. Thanks to blogging, I found my voice. There have been so many bloggers that I follow and they continue to inspire me daily. 

2. What is the best lesson that Life has taught you, till now?

That's a difficult one! There have been so many lessons that I have learnt, each one changing me in one way or the other. But the best one would be that no matter how bad things may seem, things will definitely look up. Nothing lasts forever. Not the good, or the bad. After a storm, sunshine will surely come. You just have to believe. Even when you feel like giving up and all seems lost, hang in there. The best is yet to come. 

3. What is the role that blogging plays in your life?

Blogging plays one of the most important roles in my life. It was only through the constant encouragement and feedback that I received from my readers that I was able to believe that my writing was not so bad after all. I have made so many friends through blogging and I'm still in awe of their writing skills. I try to blog whenever I can. Though I have never been a regular or disciplined writer, blogging keeps me on the right track. 

4. What would you do if you have all the money in the world?

I guess I would go out and buy as many books as I can lay my hands on! And yes, build a huge library at home so that I can go browse it whenever I feel like it :) And lots of travelling. Yes, books and travel. Absolute bliss if you ask me!

5. Which is your all time favorite book that you can never get tired of reading?

I have far too many books that are my personal favorites and this question is like asking a mother to choose one favorite among her children! But I guess, the entire Harry Potter series has to be on top of the list. And if it has to be one book, then it has to be Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It opened up a world of magic and wizardry that made my teenage worthwhile!

6. Name a dream city or location that you want to visit someday and why?

Too many destinations to name but the one place that I'm dying to go see has to be New York. Blame it on the countless books and movies that I have been obsessed with. But there is something magical about the place that keeps pulling me. 

7. Share a hilarious incident of your life. 

I really can't think of anything right now. Sorry!

8. What are your thoughts about my blog?

Sachin, though I'm new to your blog, I think you have a very nice one there. Do keep writing more :)


1. Thank the person who nominated you. 
2. Nominate some other bloggers for this award.
3. Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you have nominated. 
4. Notify the bloggers you have nominated. 

I'm nominating the below bloggers for this award:

1. Preethi 
2. PeeVee
3. Elly

Questions to nominees- No new questions. Just the ones that are mentioned above :)


  1. Really enjoyed reading all the answers :) even i love harry potter series :D and must say you read more books than anyone i know :D keep writing :D

    1. Thank you, Sachin :) Glad you liked it :)

  2. Aha! Awarded Aathira. Good good. :D May more sunshine find its way to you. ;) You and I would do the exact same thing with all the money in the world huh? :P Interesting!

    1. Thanks so much, Leo :) Great minds do think alike!

  3. Congrats. Reading, writing, and travelling. Perfect ;) (p.s. you are an inspiration :) as for the blogging role :D )


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