Sunday, August 23, 2015

Destination Unknown

Image Source: Tumblr

City lights twinkling in the background
Rain pours down all around me 
I walk barefoot through these streets
The honking of vehicles seems like blasphemy

My ears seem to have shut out the mad world's din
I allow the raindrops to pour down on my face
Mixing with the teardrops clinging on my eyelashes 
My wet clothes sticking onto me like a second skin

My feet have started bleeding 
Have I stepped on a shard of broken glass?
Why then is it that I can't feel the pain 
The pain that I so desperately crave?

My heart beats like a caged bird in my rib case 
A dull ache spreading all over my body 
From my fingertips right down to my toes
It feels impossible to move forward, yet I must

I keep walking into the darkness of the night
Not knowing the destination 
One foot after the other, step by step
That's all that I can muster for now


  1. A delightful piece indeed, nice of you to share!

  2. So wonderfully written! You've brought out the emotions so well.

  3. The journey is a lot harder in some ways when you don't know the destination but the will to move on makes every step stronger.. Awesome piece of writing!

    1. Thanks so much, K :) The journey is long and sometimes tough. But we have to keep moving forward, right?


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