Monday, September 28, 2015

Misty Days

Image Source: Tess Kincaid

The drizzling rain outside 
Our breath that fogs the windows 
Inside this tiny cafe, you and me
Smell of coffee in the air around us

Sprinkled with the spicy smell of cinnamon
And the unique fragrance of you... 
Like a freshly plucked flower 
Your palms gentle in mine 

Time ticks away, the wind takes it afar
Like the rain that blows outside 
Your deep, dark eyes with just a hint of gold
Like those lost sunsets of my childhood

The smile that touches the corner of your eyes
The only one thing that gives me warmth 
On cold mornings when I wake up 
Like the steaming cuppa that I drink daily

A million things to tell you 
But in your gaze, I'm lost
In their depths I swim to find myself 
In them I rise again, only for you...

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