Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mountain Roads and You

Image Source: Magpie Tales

Riding along the mountain roads
Clinging on to you 
Fresh air greeting us as we climb higher
Getting crispier as we go 

Twists and turns along the way 
Some shallow, some steep
My fears disappear with you by my side
The wind messes up our hair 

Neither of us could care any less
We are together and that's all that matters
The hum of the bike, the cool atmosphere
Breaks my face into a wide smile

I can smell your hair from behind
There's the scent of wet earth and sweat
That's only belonged to you 
There's a cottage waiting for us 

Right at the hill top; a tiny alcove
A fire shall crackle tonight 
Warming our frozen bodies 
As we consume our love 

Twilight has bathed us both in a golden sheen
The colors have merged into a bright neon sky
Here time seems to have stopped
As we make our way towards home...

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  1. Simple and lovely Poem. Of Love, passion, and the wonderful
    Mountains and the great atmosphere on the mountains. Good writing. Poetic and passionate at the same time. Keep it up, Aathira.

    1. Thanks so much, Mr. Parsa :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  2. There is a lot of passion in this Aathira ! It is the first thing I read today. Thank you !

  3. How I wish I could be living this poem right now! :)

  4. How I wish I could be living this poem right now! :)

  5. Lovely! Such a nice piece of poetry! :)

  6. Wow ! Beautifully penned Aathira
    so visualising


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