Sunday, October 4, 2015


My vision seems to be clouded
I see things through a pink haze
For unwavering things I was moulded 
Yet how beautiful it is in my smoldering gaze 

Love; true, true love, words I scorned 
And now my world revolves around it 
The smile you gifted is now adorned 
Like a million twinkling little lamps lit 

Scribbled lyrics on the last page of an old notebook 
Your name and mine, hearts and arrows 
Your favorite dishes I cook 
Humming around like a song sparrow 

A handful of sunshine yellow daisies I plucked 
They sit waiting in the water for you 
Finding you, I still can't believe my luck
I'm over the moon, people like you are certainly few


  1. Beautiful soulful simple love song. Very pleasing to the eye that reads and the ear that hears. The true Ecstasy of Love perfectly described. Good, Aathira, keep it up. God bless you.

  2. Sure, it is Ecstasy ! Good poem, well written and as it is always with you, it is from your heart. Keep it up.

  3. I am expecting more love poems from you, now that you are back from The Alps ! :D This one is heartwarming, as usual.

    1. Have a few ideas running around in my head. Shall put them to screen soon :) Thanks Anita!

  4. so much of emotions in every poem you write <3


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