Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Memory Box - Part 2

Read Part 1 here.
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My Dearest M, 

How I long to be with you right now. Vacations may have taken me away from you but my mind continues to linger on you, on us. Your smile that warms my heart even on the coldest of nights, your dark eyes that holds so many secrets in its deaths... How I yearn to hold you in my arms once again. I pray that these days would just fly and you would be my side soon...


She takes a deep breath and moves on to the next letter. Some are short, some long, running many pages. 

My Darling M,

Please accept this rose as a token of my love. Yes, I know that a red rose is definitely the mother of all cliches and I know how you detest stereotypes! But when it comes to love, I couldn't think of anything better than this. Yes, my mind seems to stop thinking logically when it comes to you. How else can I give you what you want? I want to grab the world by its throat and place it in your palms. Consider this rose, that I have painstakingly grown on my own, one that is a part of me, of my world, as a small token of my love. Call it a coincidence, I planted it the day I saw you for the first time. But I like to think of it as destiny...


Her hands begins to shake as she skips the many letters and moves towards the last one in the bunch. 

My Love, 

It is with a heavy heart that I write this. We can no longer meet, it would bring disastrous consequences to both our lives. I wish things were different, that there was some way for us to be together. But our love seems to bring only hurt to those around us. I wish I could throw caution to the wind and run away with you to a world that we have dreamt of together. If only things were that simple..

Tomorrow is a new day. I want you to move forward. Burn these letters, destroy it, if it will only bring forth pain each time you come across my words. I do not ask for anything more, allow me to live on in your memories. Where our love is never questioned and distance no longer tears us apart. Do not think that I have ever stopped loving you. I will continue to love you till my last breath, my dearest M, no matter what...


She closes her eyes as a tear drop makes its way across her cheek. Outside the rain seems to have stopped sometime while she was lost in his words. It feels like someone has clicked a pause button on time; her heart feels heavy. Life was offering her a second chance as her mind lingers over the phone call she received that afternoon. But does she dare cross those boundaries once again? The call had taken her all those years back, a time where two souls belonged only to each other. A second chance at love was being offered to her. But was it worth it? And if she took it, what would be the price to pay?

... To be continued. 

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