Sunday, January 17, 2016


Image Source: Ed Ross

Frozen in time she stays 
Pain in her eyes unmasked 
Roses tumbling out of her hair 
She was called the queen of love

Many couples matched by this cupid 
But none saw the agony behind her smile
Nobody asked her for her story 
If they had, they would have known 

Nothing hurts more than unrequited love
Her heart belonged only to him 
But his heart was always another's 
At night she would howl out his name 

He never came, she stood waiting 
Many days and many nights 
To catch a glimpse of him 
Yet he remained hidden in the shadows 

Now they see her as endless beauty 
Melancholy in her eyes 
Waiting to be thawed 
To come back to life 

To breathe once again 
To love just once more
How do I know this? 
In her I see me..,  

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