Friday, February 26, 2016

When did the love between us die?

Was it when you stopped searching for my hand to hold in the darkened corners of the movie theater? 

Was it when we began to converse in silence? 

Or was it when we both started forgetting the dates that mattered? 

Maybe it was when you started hiding your texts from me or was it when I found a stranger's smile attractive? 

Was it when I stopped dressing up for you? Or was it that time when I did and you didn't notice?

Was it when our smiles were forced and our laughter restrained?

Was it that time when you looked at another and it ceased to bother me?

Or was it when we started living separate lives under the same roof? 

Was that when our love died? Was it really that fragile? Or was it ever love to begin with?


  1. Wow. Was it love to ever begin with? Made me ponder till I realised, love fades when we take our partner for granted. Mere acceptance.

    1. It's sad. But that's the way it is sometimes. In fact, most of the times.

  2. Sad. Mainly because there is so much truth here... and yes, perhaps it was when we took the other for granted instead of continuing to work on the relationship.

    1. Every relationship requires working on it. More than work, it should be nurturing. If a relationship starts to feel like work, what's the point?

  3. The complexity of love and human relationship depicted with gusto and a heart capable of loving:)

  4. Man..!! Too many emotions and thoughts in too less words! Each line is so worth giving a thought Aathira..!! Simply loved it!


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