Monday, February 15, 2016


There are things that you can't put a name to. They come and go, like fleeting emotions. Labels that have to be chucked out.

Today, when I lie in bed with a sore throat, feeling cold and miserable, you come in uninvited, invading my thoughts. I can't help or control it and I know only too well that it would be stupid of me to even try. You are a torrential rain on days like these, pouring down incessantly. 

I expect foolishly to hear from you. Not that you would. But I hope against hope, against the better judgement of me. Days like these, I wish you were here. Days like these, I look for a silver lining. Days like these, I half expect to see your name flashing on my screen. 


  1. I know this feeling way too much :-(

  2. Ouch.. those days.. They sometimes really leave one in pain and miserable hope

    1. They come and go. You just have to hang in there.

  3. You weave your words so beautifully into emotions.

  4. emotions are always articulated so beautifully through your narration.. love it.. and yes, that feeling .. we all can relate to it...

  5. Very truthfully expressed ! You touched a chord some where I my heart that had experienced these emotional moments. You really do magic with words, Aathira!

  6. Wow ! This is exactly how I felt today !


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