Saturday, June 29, 2013

Missing the rains

These pictures brings a feeling of nostalgia, especially in the scorching summer heat right now. The feel of rains & the beauty of raindrops on leaves are all things that we take for granted until the moment that we stay away from home & realize how much it means to us.

The winds that come after the rains in the evenings are the best ones. They are the cool ones that embrace you, the ones that give you a chill. How much I miss a good rain right now.

Monsoon time is also the best time to go to sleep as hearing the raindrops and the slight thunder which comes before the rains are really quite soothing and assuring. Of things that we can be sure of, of things that are constant in this ever changing world.


  1. That's how I feel in our summers here in Australia. Beautifully said...

  2. Thanks Jane! It's strange much we miss the things that we took for granted once we don't have them in our lives...


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