Thursday, July 11, 2013

10 Things that make me happy

The top 10 things that make me happy are :

  1. Watching the rain
  2. Eating Baskin Robbins at night
  3. The smell of books, new & old
  4. A hug from someone special
  5. To sleep on a rainy morning bundled up in my blanket
  6. The smell of good food cooking
  7. To bring a smile on a someone's face
  8. The smell of my favourite Perfumes (D & G, Mango- the top 2 )
  9. Getting pampered
  10. When things go better than planned :)
Now that I have started listing out the 10 things, I actually can count more than 10! Like the way I love the sand being swept under my feet on the beach when a good wave curls around my feet, eating Cadbury's Fruit & Nut, an unexpected holiday, a long weekend, reading a lot and lot in one stretch, spending time with my loved ones, a good adrenaline rush from something as mundane as catching a train the last minute and so on and so forth! Why waste time grumbling when you have tons of reasons to stay Happy Happy?! And I think it took me this post to remember that! 

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