Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Things to do on a Rainy day

Today, I was the lucky one who encountered an unexpected downpour. This got me thinking about the things to do on a rainy day. Though I was stuck in office and could hardly do any of these things, I hope to do these on another rainy day.

  • Read a book- make that a lovey dovey romantic one. What better way to start off a rainy day than by reading your favorite novel cuddled up in your bed?
  • Hot coffee/ tea- Drinking hot tea/ coffee, depending on your taste, and by hot I mean scalding your tongue hot. Have it on your balcony (if you have) or just watching the rain sitting on your verandah!
  • Go for a long drive- Yes, it can be a very lazy feeling just dragging your bum out of your cozy room, but make an effort & go for a drive (by yourself or with someone special- both are equally rewarding!). And if you have a bike, all the more better. Getting drenched in a drizzle on a bike is an awesome feeling.
  • Hot samosas- Thankfully, I can tick off this one today. Yes, nothing beats eating hot samosas and chili cutney on a rainy morning. Extra spice, extra nice! All crunchy snacks like Vadas, Pazhampori (aka Banana fry) are a must for rainy days.
  • Sleep- In case you are stuck at home without any electricity and its really too dark to read, sleep. Yes, leave your windows open so that that gentle breeze can play with your hair, lulling you to a dreamless sleep.
  • Watch your favorite movie- Watch Notting Hill/ P.S. I love you/ Sleepless in Seattle/  Serendipity/ your favorite. My list is endless.
  • Spend time with your loved ones. Catch up on lost time with an old friend. Pick up your phone & speak to your parents. Spread the love!
  • Last, but not the least, just let it be and enjoy the weather!

Lots of love,

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