Thursday, March 20, 2014

What doesn't break you, makes you

From experience I can say that what doesn't break you, makes you YOU. Yes, you, the wonderful person that you are today is all thanks to those bad past experiences - be it in love, in friendship or all the relationships that you have had. Memories, good or bad, mould us into the persons we are today. Love, lots and lots of it when we were young. When it's taken away from us one fine day, a little something dies in our heart. But then again, it could've just shaped us better for the world that we have to live in. 

My mistakes make me. My imperfections make me. I may take the wrong decisions every once in a while, but in the end, I know that I have come out at least a little wiser, a little humble. Like the surface of a wood rubbed by sandpaper. 

I have dreams, hopes even. Maybe all of them are not meant to be, but maybe it's simply the belief that keeps me going. So let us take a moment to thank everyone, yes the ones who have broken your heart, those fake friends, those nosy relatives, those jealous neighbors. Had it been not for them, your life would have been a very boring place to be!

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