Saturday, April 5, 2014

Angry April

Yes, I am literally a blob of sweat right now as I write this. Kid you not. The sweat from my palms is literally dripping on to my keyboard as I type now. It is that HOT. And I mean the sticky, sweaty, nasty kind of heat that gives you sunburns and makes your clothes stick on to you like a second skin. Note to self- Never take a holiday ever again to Kerala in April.

The fact that there is hardly any breeze in my otherwise windy apartment is not helping either. What was supposed to be a fun filled holiday already feels like its going to be a pure 3 weeks of living inside a scorching hot microwave. Now don't get me wrong, the heat is the only minus point. Otherwise, its all kickass. Home will always be home. And like Dorothy says, There's no place like home!

And so here I am, scorched and sweaty but happy and content. When there's little left to do in this weather, I am happily catch up on my reading. Currently reading The fault in our stars by John Green, after hearing about the raving reviews, so far I am a satisfied reader. I have also managed to get a few great bargains in Books yesterday when I went shopping. So, yes, April looks promising so far!

Ok, signing off for now to empty a bucket of cold water on my head. Just joking, or maybe I am not!

Lots of love,

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