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Those glass bangles

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Age- 6 months old

The first time she wore glass bangles was when she was six months old, from what her Amma had told her. She still has the picture of her in front of Guruvayoor temple from her choorunu ceremony. She was seen spotting tiny karivalas or black bangles that are adorned on the hands of new born babies.

Age- 5 years old

She was gifted a set of bright pink glass bangles when she was five years old. This time, it was gifted to her by her best friend. He had accompanied his big sister to the famous Ultsavam and asked her to buy a set for her as well. She loved it at once, especially the sound that came when she moved her hands.

Age- 12 years old

She was a big girl now, or so her Amma and Ammaamma admonished her. She could no longer wear those short skirts and frocks that were so familiar to her. Nor was she allowed to hang out with Him for long. When she was gifted expensive clothes & jewelry, it was the dozen bottle green glass bangles that He gave her, with a shy smile, that made her feel all grown up. Did she glimpse something else in his eyes for a second in his eyes? Those glass bangles were like a soothing balm to the inner pain and turmoil that she felt with the responsibility of growing into a woman.

Age- 18 years old

Finally, they arrived at an age which they have been waiting for quite some time now. It was blood red glass bangles that He gave her on her Eighteenth birthday. When he took her hands and slid on the bangles on her slender wrists, she felt something go all strange and mushy inside her. The glass bangles played a pleasant music when he took her hands and kissed her. Her first kiss. Those bangles were the witness of their blossoming love. 

Age- 22 years old

She was getting married today. Fine jewelry adorned her neck, hands and fingers. Elders blessed her abundantly, lest she got the evil eye, for she truly looked like a Devi, a Goddess decked in the deep red saree that accentuated her curves and enhanced her femininity. When she insisted on wearing her old red glass bangles, she got scolded severely, for why wear the cheap stuff when she had bangles made from gold and precious stones?

After she got married and left for her husband's house, for that was her house from now, her kohl rimmed eyes blurred from unshed tears as they turned back and searched silently for the person who had given those priceless glass bangles to her. 

Age- 25 years old

She was said to be found lying in a pool of blood when they found her. Some say it was a murder, others say she died of a broken heart. But some say that the injuries found on her wrists were self inflicted by something sharp. When they opened her lifeless fingers that were curled around something, there were shards of broken glass bangles found inside the folds of her hand. Whether they were red glass bangles or tainted red by her blood, it was hard to know.


  1. What a journey of a girl through her bangles..... wow!

    1. Thanks a lot Inderpreet :) This one is very close to my heart :)

  2. ohh this is heartbreaking. Iloved the way you narrated the story,revolving around bangles.Beautiful

    1. Thanks so much Rajlakshmi :) Glad that you could relate to those bangles.

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  4. Those glass bangles :(...
    I being a total sucker for stories filled with love and mush was actually having a great time till I reached the end part.
    Aathira, sometimes towards the end of your posts, you break the very hearts of the readers whom you filled with joy till that moment. I wish she didn’t give up like that. Instead she could have fought back to get the love of her life. I wonder why some people decide to give up so easily, why women in our country become sitting ducks to the rules of society and orders of others. I yearn to see them getting what they wish for.
    The end, though painful brings the reader right back to this world making one realise that not all stories end on a happy note. Well, most!
    (On a lighter note, I wonder why he didn't give her the plastic ones :P)

    1. Thank you, Stranger (Tell me your name, won't you?) :) Now that you have pointed out, I would try to bring about a happier ending to my stories. All is not bad with the world, after all :) And yes, as difficult it is to believe, there are a lot of women who are bullied into marriage by their family and society. But times are changing and more women are speaking up now. I wish the time would come when we can say all women.

      Hahaha... He didn't give her plastic bangles because it was only glass bangles that tinkled on her hands and made music only they can :) And the fact that they are so fragile and precious :) Or maybe it is because I have been a sucker for glass bangles myself!

  5. loved it as I am too (in your words) , a sucker of glass bangles myself .. Nice one Aathira.. :)


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