Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The night before

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As the wine flowed, so did their conversation. A drink turned into two, which turned into more. Inhibitions were cast aside, along with their clothes. 

The morning after, they woke up with a head throbbing hangover. Kissed each other one last time. Said their goodbyes. A one night stand. That was all it was meant to be. 

He had come for his friend's wedding that evening. He dressed in his black tux and left for the venue. What he had expected was certainly not this. Her. As a bride. In an off shoulder ivory gown. Looking radiant. Marrying his friend. Her throwing her head back in laughter as her groom whispered something in her ear. He could speak out now or forever hold his peace. 

Her eyes met his over the alter. A flicker of recognition. It was too late. Somethings are better left unsaid. He turned back and left. 


  1. This was toooo gooood!!!!
    "Inhibitions were cast aside, along with their clothes. " TOO GOOD!

    1. Thank you thank you THANK YOU Red!!!! My day is made :)

  2. was going to paste the same line that Red did. Very nice :)

    1. Thanks a ton for reading Seeta :) I thought twice after writing that sentence and then thought, what the hell and posted! Glad that it came out well!


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