Friday, May 9, 2014

The Woods

                                                     (Image Courtesy: Google)

I wait for you by the woods
To take me in your arms 
And make me yours once more
The trees are silent
Watching me, judging me
Swaying ever so gently
They say the woods are haunted
But I don't believe it
Neither do you
It was in these woods 
That you confessed your love
It was here that you kissed me first
It was under these trees 
That you made love to me

I wait. Impatient. Eager
Yet, you don't come
I despair. 
Till I see you driving past
With her beside you
Something in me breaks 
At that moment.

You have forgotten 
The promise you made
Till death and beyond
Yet, you have moved on
I can see your hands on hers.

I turn and walk back 
Into the woods that engulfs me
Into the woods that now 
Strangely feels like home


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