Thursday, June 12, 2014

Book review- Revenge wears Prada

I must say I was a tad disappointed with the book. When you start off a book with high expectations keeping in mind the fact that you loved its prequel, what you are expecting is definitely not this. Not only does the title not do justice to the book, we hardly see any of the devil aka Miranda Priestly, Andy hardly manages to elicit any of our sympathy. 

The book starts off with how Andy and her now best friend Emily (whom she had absolutely detested back in The Devil wears Prada) is running a successful wedding magazine The Plunge. I found that itself a bit far fetched. I mean, how could you ever be best friends no less, with a person whom you hated during the most horrible one year of your life? In addition, we find that Andy is about to marry her perfect boyfriend Max (with the wicked mother) when she discovers a letter from his mother urging Max not to marry her. 

Andy despite the jitters, marries Max and soon discovers that she is pregnant. The whole discovering 'I am pregnant and didn't know it' was again overrated in the book. All seems to be well till Elias- Clark, run by Miranda proposes to acquire The Plunge, of which Andy is the Editor. We see a repeatedly repeated version of how Emily wants to run back to worshiping Miranda just like her old days and Andy standing firm by her decision as to not give in (Which I felt was only one of the very few positives about the entire book). It becomes monotonous to an extent that it starts to sound like a broken record and you can actually predict what's going to happen.

Andy shortly gives birth to adorable and cute baby Clementine and is struggling with losing all her pregnancy weight and joins a new Mommy group where she meets new mothers who are all struggling in one way or other. She also happens to run into her ex-boyfriend, Alex who reenters her life. 

All in all, a weak story line. I found myself skipping through a lot of parts as my patience was running low. I felt bad giving it only 2 out of 5 stars, when to my relief, I found out that a lot of reviews on Goodreads was for 1 star. Looks like Lauren Weisberger has disappointed a lot of her fans worldwide who was hoping to see a much better and richer version of Andy and Miranda here. 

I am personally of the view that if the story is really and exceptionally good, the authors should leave it at that rather than writing a sequel with a weak plot and disappointing faithful readers. We would rather have imagined what happens to our characters after the book rather than read them in a badly fetched story. 

The only thing I liked about the book is how Andy stood firm by her decision and the ways she handles certain situations with a lot of maturity. Give this one a pass unless you are willing to be bored and is desperate to know what happened to Andrea Sachs after she leaves Runway magazine and the devil herself.  


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, the Title was nice, which is why I picked up. Again, probably one of the few good things about it.

  2. wowo Does SHE.. I wonder why .. I mean the title :)

    good review..


    1. Thanks Bikram! It's a a mystery why the title says revenge when there is hardly any of it in the book! But the title is good, just what is inside is disappointing.

  3. I loved the first book and I totally agree that the book should have been left alone.

    I read of few reviews of this one and everyone has the same thing to say that it sucks. I'm giving this one a miss. Also hoping that no one decides to make a movie out of this now.

    1. Soumya, I loved the first one too. I guess you can't help but be disappointed when you compare both. The movie would be worse, so let's just hope that people leave this one alone.


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