Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My guardian angel

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I was lost and confound
In search of my way back home
Wandering along broken paths
That broke me and made me

Without a guiding light
The darkness smothering
Suffocating in its embrace
As I longed for my way back home

Somewhere along the way
I found you, my guardian angel
To hold my hand
And walk with me

To see me through 
The end of the journey
Or perhaps 
It is only the beginning

You have led me home
And it is time for us to part
You smile and say, seeing me torn
I will always watch over you



    1. Thanks Enchantress :) Your comments makes me very happy!

  2. Great when we are blessed with such a great company! May we all have such Guardian angels :)

    1. Yes, we all need those Guardian angels! Thanks for reading, Anita :)

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  4. Thats what I call creating magic with words. Some people write and the words express the feelings and others write but just the flow of the words express the feelings so effortlessly even when the words say a complete different thing. You really have mastered this art to express your beautiful inner self. I wonder whether it is the result of your large book shelf or is it the skill of those magical fingers :) , I can never find out!

    P.S. I was actually speaking of wings on another post of yours and suddenly out of no where this particular post of yours flashed in front of me. You see Angels are everywhere. :)

    1. Thanks a lot, Stranger! I shall always be grateful to the ever growing collection of my books for that! Writing is something which I have started only recently.

      And yes, angels are everywhere. Sometimes in disguise!


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