Sunday, February 15, 2015

Me and You

Image courtesy: Google

You are all I need,
All I could possibly ever want
I crave for the comfort of your hands
The warmth of your lips
To keep me company on a winter’s morning
Through the hazy fog
Flitting outside my kitchen window
I think I see a shape huddled over the bench
Is it you?

I see the confusion in your eyes
The pain in your sighs
Dwell not, my dearest
These hands crave for you
My lips hunger for your kiss
I am unclear, uncertain.
But know this:
You are me and I am you...


  1. Wow! I'm going to read this again and again <3

  2. Very nicely written Aathira! The pic added all the more beauty to the verses.

  3. Short, subtle and very very sweet one, Aathira.

  4. Through all the doubts and the imperfections...we r perfect together!!
    This was lovely!!!!

  5. This is lovely, and I can't help but to read it again :)


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