Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Walking by the Seine 
In the city of love
Petrichor and you 
Murky depths I see
Reflect the turmoil
In your eyes

Seems like irony
A cruel twist of fate 
That I have to lose you here
The very place I came 
To search for love 
Love that fills my soul
And consumes my body 
With passion for you 

I want to reach out
Take you in my arms 
Watch the night lights 
Twinkling on the Eiffel
I wish to walk with you
On these vintage streets
And have coffee and croissants
With you on a Sunday morning

But like so many things in my life, 
You are not meant to be
I see a dash of color on your lips
That blood red on your pale face 
Is all the color I need 
In this city of greys and blacks 
That wistful look you give 
Before hurrying inside
Clutching your umbrella 
By your side
Is enough to last me a lifetime...


  1. Beautifully penned again Aathira :)

  2. Beauty! I could almost smell the petrichor :)

  3. I loved the description of vintage streets and the smell of petrichor... beautiful poem.

  4. This setting here is my dream-place-to-be-at :)

    1. I went there on a short vacation and fell in love :)


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