Friday, May 15, 2015

Simplifying Life with the Airtel App

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Airtel has been my service provider for many years. Even today, when I go for vacations, I use my old sim which is still active. However, when I read about the Airtel app, I knew that I had to check it out for myself. 

Here are the 3 key features that I found most interesting:

1. Recharging my phone - It is quite common to find us running on low balance. In cases where it is not possible to actually go buy a recharge coupon, the app lets you recharge in the comfort of your home. It doesn't get easier than this, right? Even though I'm a person who ensures that there is sufficient credit on my phone at all times, sometimes while talking to my friends or using the internet, I lose track of time. Recharging your phones through the app has to be clearly one of the best features. You can also view your recharge history, data consumed and so on. 

2. Airtel surprises - With every recharge you do, you are awarded a gift coupon. These coupons cover all categories such as shopping, entertainment, food etc. Redeeming coupons saves a lot of money especially if you are frequent shopper like me. However, when it comes to coupons, we usually end up with coupons that we have no use for. But in the case of Airtel, we are given coupons that have access to some of the top brands like Flipkart, Amazon, PVR Cinemas, Ebay to name a few. Getting a reduction while shopping makes us all happy shoppers, right? I'm sure that in this age and day, there would hardly be anyone who doesn't take advantage of e-shopping sitting in the comfort of your homes. 

3. Safe and secure payments - Not only can you recharge your own mobile, but you can also use the app to top up or recharge for a friend or even your own land line connection. The user friendly interface is a huge plus for users who are not that tech-savvy. The real time bill tracking is an option that allows you to keep a track of all your bills, including the pending ones. Entering your credit card or debit card details each time you make a payment can be a headache. You can easily save these details on your app, to avoid entering it each time for a transaction. Make sure your phone has a secure code though. You don't want these details to fall into the wrong hands!

This Airtel app can be conveniently downloaded on your smartphones, whether android, IOS, Windows, Nokia or Blackberry. What are you waiting for? Check out the app today. Being a loyal Airtel customer, this is going to be new favorite app. For more details on the app, click here

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