Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Just A Writer's Life

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I write like nobody's business
To give birth to the stories I have in my head
The creative process is never too easy
There's a story behind every sentence

Characters conceived in the writer's mind
Take their own sweet time 
To tell their stories
Playing a game of hide and seek
With their creator

But it's the journey that matters
It always is; that sweet torture
Of not knowing what you may stumble upon
There is a trail of sweat and blood
Trickling from the writer's fingertips
Invisible to the naked eye

There are days when a blank page
Makes my head pound in frustration
Then there are days when the words just flow
Seamlessly, in an abandon...
But what matters in the end is 
That feeling of obscure joy upon completion. 
And that is what makes it all worthwhile!

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  1. There is so much that happens backstage before the curtains are opened :) writing is so much more than people think it to be!

  2. The imagery of the trail of blood and sweat trickling from the writer's fingertips is all too true. Many people have no idea what the creative process is like and what hard work is contained within the covers of each and every book in their local bookstore, or local library. Well put!

  3. "Obscure joy upon completion" is so familiar. True there are days when words fail to surface, but we are never going to give up writing are we?!!

  4. I so-so agree...
    The journey matters!

  5. You my dear are a wonderful story teller and now you make your journey towards your words seem beautiful too.

  6. wow... so true.. i experience the same 'hide and seek' with my characters too.. :) do read my first attempt at writing a long story- http://www.quotev.com/story/5589483/Jodhpur-Diaries/


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