Thursday, April 14, 2016

L - Lana

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Doe-like eyes, flawless skin
I was envied for all this and more
I was content, the way I was
Till the day he came along

Told me he loved me
And wouldn't take no for an answer
How dare I spurn his love!
And so he decided to teach me a lesson

I was walking by unsuspecting
When he sprung upon me from a street corner
Throwing what felt like molten lava on my face
A tiny vial of acid was all it took

Sweet revenge for him, a loss of life for me
A life that was blissfully unaware
Of the curve-ball that it was to throw my way
My skin melted, my face and body disfigured

I contemplated ending my wretched life
Where people stared at my face
For all the reasons that I did not want
Pity in their eyes, thanking their stars it's not them

My nemesis walked away free
But it took me many years to break the shackles
Surgery, skin grafts and years of darkness
Was all it took to rebuild my life from scratch

Today, I have started to dream again
Of a life that will be filled with more kindness
One where I may even have a family
He may have poured acid on my skin
But my dreams still remain untarnished..

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  1. This post is a tribute to all victims of acid attacks who brave the storm every day. Powerful, gritty but sensitively done.

    1. Thank you, Vishal. It's such a sad and harsh reality that prevails even today.

  2. So much expressed is so few words!

  3. Wretched demons who wreak such havoc, horror and pain with such dastardly 'acts of passion'! The image you have sourced is hauntingly evocative justified by your intense words.
    Hope the lives of Lana and others rebuild and they receive justice in the form of rigorous conviction for the perpetrators.
    @KalaRavi16 from

    1. I see women like Lana who are doing just that. More power to them for the sheer courage they display daily. Thank you, Kala :)

  4. Such a beautiful poem bringing out the plight of acid attack victims. Dreams should never die.

  5. Such stories we keep hearing... And I aways wonder what a pain the girl and her family would endure... and how heartless the man has been...This squeezed my soul. Bt i am glad that she didnt give up...

    1. Thanks, Satya. Giving up would be the easy choice but women like her are stronger than we think.

  6. I can never understand how one human being can inflict so much pain on another human being! Optimism is so rare in such cases, though.

    1. These are heartless creatures with no soul. To soothe their ego, they play with other lives.

  7. what a beautiful way to end the tale! I love the way you give vivid details of all the feelings and emotions!


  8. she becomes a victim for no fault of hers.... acid attacks are still occurring... god save them.. hope she fulfills her untarnished dream...

    1. Sometimes we are helpless, other than to pray that such things are not ever inflicted on another living person. Let's hope so too..


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