Monday, July 22, 2013

The Perfect Time

We all wait for the perfect time. The perfect time to fall in love, the perfect time to meet The One, the perfect time to get married, the perfect time to have babies, the perfect time to find that perfect job, the perfect time to retire. But more often than not, we end up being disappointed. Is it because we have convinced ourselves that we deserve nothing but only the Perfect. Talking about the Perfect time, does it really wait for us? Or do we have to run behind it like running behind the train at the last minute? 

Maybe there is no such thing as the Perfect time. There is just now. So, instead of just waiting for that Perfect time and postponing our dreams, we should grasp what we have on our hands this moment :) Who knows, something wonderful could happen for all you know!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

10 Things that make me happy

The top 10 things that make me happy are :

  1. Watching the rain
  2. Eating Baskin Robbins at night
  3. The smell of books, new & old
  4. A hug from someone special
  5. To sleep on a rainy morning bundled up in my blanket
  6. The smell of good food cooking
  7. To bring a smile on a someone's face
  8. The smell of my favourite Perfumes (D & G, Mango- the top 2 )
  9. Getting pampered
  10. When things go better than planned :)
Now that I have started listing out the 10 things, I actually can count more than 10! Like the way I love the sand being swept under my feet on the beach when a good wave curls around my feet, eating Cadbury's Fruit & Nut, an unexpected holiday, a long weekend, reading a lot and lot in one stretch, spending time with my loved ones, a good adrenaline rush from something as mundane as catching a train the last minute and so on and so forth! Why waste time grumbling when you have tons of reasons to stay Happy Happy?! And I think it took me this post to remember that! 

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