Monday, July 27, 2015

Towards You

She's everything you are not
Organized, disciplined and predictable 
Yet why is it your chaos that I crave the most?
Those little quirks that belonged to you
Why do I miss it so? 

The vanilla scented candles that was lit every night by our bedside 
Makes me yearn for it on nights like these
Nights like these when her body lying beside me fails to give me the warmth I need 
I have to move on, I know you have too
But with each passing day, I take a step backwards 
Hoping, praying, to find my way back towards you...

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Airports, Goodbyes and Love

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"Dreams, you want to talk about dreams? It's always been about you, right? Since the very beginning. It was always your dreams. Never ours.." 

The accusations trickled in one by one as Aalia listened to everything Rehaan had to say. True, she had not meant to fall in love, but it had just happened. It was also true that her first love was writing and always would be. 

But why didn't he understand, or rather couldn't, she fumed silently. Her words not leaving her mouth. The sole sign of her frustration could be seen only in the way her lips formed a grim line. 

Two years. Two years of her life she had invested in this relationship. She had always made it clear in the beginning that she could not stay back. She had been a writer struggling to find her feet, taking up odd jobs to save for the creative writing course in New York that she had always dreamed of pursuing. 

Rehaan was an artist too, she had thought he would understand. His music was everything for him. But unlike her, lady luck had smiled upon him a long time back. He was well off, he earned enough from his music. And now, he wanted more. He wanted to get settled, start a family. He wanted more than she had to offer. 

She willed herself to drone out his voice as her mind drifted back to the day she had seen him first. She had been working as a waitress in the pub the night his band played there. Unkempt hair, easy laughter, a voice that wrapped itself around her like liquid silk. It was difficult to not fall for him when he asked her out couple of nights later. 

From then on, their days and nights had been filled with passion, poetry and music. He would give her space to do her writing, something that she would do at the oddest of hours, whenever inspiration struck. He understood her mood swings, her frustrations on those days whenever she faced the dreaded block. Being with him felt so right, he played music for her, held her close and rocked her body to the rhythm of old records that played in a corner their room. 

"And now you want to sacrifice it all, sacrifice us, what we have and just fly away to a new life? Pretend all this never happened?" Rehaan's voice brought her back to the present. She tried not to cringe, but it had to be done. It was now or never. She could either succumb to his wishes and live a life of regret or make up her mind to go get the life that she had always dreamt of. Sure, it was not an easy choice. But since when did she ever have to make simple ones? Like ripping off a band aid, it had to be done- quickly, to avoid the pain. Of course, it would hurt for a long while afterwards. But that was a pain that she chose for herself. 

With strong willed determination, Aalia took out her suitcases and stuffed her remaining clothes into it, one by one. He left her alone for a while; Rehaan knew that once her mind was made up there was no turning back. Her flight would leave in a few hours time and she would have to leave soon. He had not wanted to let her go. Ever. Which is why he had tried begging, cajoling and finally fighting and arguing. When it came to her, he was sometimes all the more clueless. There have been nights when she had whispered in his ears how she couldn't live without him, even for a single day. There have been days she had been waiting for him at the end of a hard day, just to be with him, be there for him. She was a contradiction, a mystery. Perhaps, she had never truly loved him. Perhaps, the only thing that she gave herself to selflessly, unconditionally, was her writing. 

They sat together in the cab holding hands, Aalia looking out the window, her tear streaked face breaking his heart into a million tiny pieces. Her tears blurring the vision outside, her mind screaming out in silent pain. 

Just before walking towards the departure section, he pulled her towards him and kissed her for one last time. He knew that this would be their very last meeting. No matter how badly they wanted to be with each other, they couldn't. 

"Rehaan, you are special. Don't ever forget that. The days since you entered my life has been filled with rainbows and darkness, the nights filled with pain and pleasure. You reached out into a place in my heart that I had kept hidden from the rest of the world. You were always there for me, which is more than can be said right now. But know this, no matter where I'm or how far the distance maybe between us, a part of me shall always belong to you. Right here..," she said placing her hand on his heart. 

"Lia," his voice broke as they stood embracing each other oblivious to the maddening crowd around them. Blissfully unaware of the world that was rushing in to swallow them whole. Tearing herself away, Aalia pushed her bags and moved forward, not daring to turn back and look at the lone figure that stood near the gate. With a lot of dreams in one hand and beautiful memories in the other, she made her way towards the next chapter in her life. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Love's Shower

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It had been raining the first time we met 
Locked eyes across the counter top 
You made me feel things I didn't know 
In you, I became drenched in love 

The rain falls outside my window 
Lightly, creating a beautiful music 
Bringing a rhythm to my life 
Old songs playing on my radio 

Tattered books lying 
On my bedside table, untouched
Waiting to be held and read 
But my mind drifts away further

All I want is you right now 
Those deep brown eyes that saw 
Right into my twisted soul 
That crooked smile you threw my way 

The rain continues to pour down 
The smell of wet earth teases me 
The fragrance of jasmine buds 
Blooming wafts into my room 

I will myself to close my eyes 
And allow your memories to wash me over
The next time we meet, would it rain again?
Would it always drench me, like your love?

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Life's Journey

Image Source: Magpie Tales

I'm tired and weary, exhausted and lonely 
What has been minutes feels like hours 
Still I don't give up, I climb higher and higher
Your presence I miss, each step of the way 

Yet I cannot stop, as much as I want to 
Your memories are like a ghost 
That keeps following in my shadow's wake 
Holding me close, keeping me alive 

The end seems so far away 
I could not turn back even if I wanted to 
I have taken the plunge and I must go on 
Step by step, one at a time, my mind whispers 

I cannot complain, for this was my decision 
And mine alone; blame goes by unshared 
Rivulets of sweat running down by bare back 
Today, I know that I'm the creator of my own destiny

In life's journey we are all alone 
Hopes and dreams fall around shattered 
But remnants of love and longing 
Keeps our heart warm as we must go on...

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Scorching Passion

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He lifted her up and kissed her passionately; marking each detail on his memory. The way the sun's setting rays turned her hair into a shade of golden, how she grasped his hair when he brought down his head to hers before crushing her lips, how she tasted like coffee and wild honey. 

He tried to ignore the fact that this was to be their last night together. After being with her for five years, they had come to the mutual decision that the love they had shared between them was no longer there; the only thing that glued them together was the scorching passion that they shared with each other. 

Ignoring the growing pang in his heart, he closed his eyes and held her, it was going to be a night of unbridled passion. 

P.S. Feels good to write fiction after ages :) Sorry if I sound a little rusty!

Monday, July 13, 2015


He wanted the rains
Little did he know that she was the storm
He wanted gentleness
She was passion, in all her naked glory

All he wanted was a light drizzle
But what he got was fury
Like the bolt of lightning that lit across the sky
Like thunder, the kind that deafened your ear drums

What he didn't know was that
She was not meant to be tamed
That nothing stood in her way
That she burned to ashes all that she set her eyes on
Her name was destruction
She was fury...

Sunshine Blogger Award

I know that I haven't been writing much here these days. But I'm back. No matter where I go, I shall always find my way back here. Like coming home. And what better way to get my spirits up before picking up my pen than accepting the Sunshine Blogger Award! Thanks so much Sachin for nominating me :) He blogs here. I know I'm a bit late in accepting it. But better late than never. I still can't believe I haven't written anything this month. I do hope to get a lot more writing done for the reminder of the month though. 

So, here are my answers to the questions that Sachin has asked me: 

1. When did you join the blogging world? Did any incident/ person inspire you to do so?

Though I had created the blog way back in 2011, it was only last year that I started taking writing seriously. I was going through a bad phase in life and writing helped me find myself once again. Today, it has become a part of me and I can never dream of giving it up. Writing has become a part of me and if I don't write, I'm not sure I would be myself ever again. For me, writing is healing and therapeutic. Thanks to blogging, I found my voice. There have been so many bloggers that I follow and they continue to inspire me daily. 

2. What is the best lesson that Life has taught you, till now?

That's a difficult one! There have been so many lessons that I have learnt, each one changing me in one way or the other. But the best one would be that no matter how bad things may seem, things will definitely look up. Nothing lasts forever. Not the good, or the bad. After a storm, sunshine will surely come. You just have to believe. Even when you feel like giving up and all seems lost, hang in there. The best is yet to come. 

3. What is the role that blogging plays in your life?

Blogging plays one of the most important roles in my life. It was only through the constant encouragement and feedback that I received from my readers that I was able to believe that my writing was not so bad after all. I have made so many friends through blogging and I'm still in awe of their writing skills. I try to blog whenever I can. Though I have never been a regular or disciplined writer, blogging keeps me on the right track. 

4. What would you do if you have all the money in the world?

I guess I would go out and buy as many books as I can lay my hands on! And yes, build a huge library at home so that I can go browse it whenever I feel like it :) And lots of travelling. Yes, books and travel. Absolute bliss if you ask me!

5. Which is your all time favorite book that you can never get tired of reading?

I have far too many books that are my personal favorites and this question is like asking a mother to choose one favorite among her children! But I guess, the entire Harry Potter series has to be on top of the list. And if it has to be one book, then it has to be Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It opened up a world of magic and wizardry that made my teenage worthwhile!

6. Name a dream city or location that you want to visit someday and why?

Too many destinations to name but the one place that I'm dying to go see has to be New York. Blame it on the countless books and movies that I have been obsessed with. But there is something magical about the place that keeps pulling me. 

7. Share a hilarious incident of your life. 

I really can't think of anything right now. Sorry!

8. What are your thoughts about my blog?

Sachin, though I'm new to your blog, I think you have a very nice one there. Do keep writing more :)


1. Thank the person who nominated you. 
2. Nominate some other bloggers for this award.
3. Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you have nominated. 
4. Notify the bloggers you have nominated. 

I'm nominating the below bloggers for this award:

1. Preethi 
2. PeeVee
3. Elly

Questions to nominees- No new questions. Just the ones that are mentioned above :)

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