Thursday, July 23, 2015

Love's Shower

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It had been raining the first time we met 
Locked eyes across the counter top 
You made me feel things I didn't know 
In you, I became drenched in love 

The rain falls outside my window 
Lightly, creating a beautiful music 
Bringing a rhythm to my life 
Old songs playing on my radio 

Tattered books lying 
On my bedside table, untouched
Waiting to be held and read 
But my mind drifts away further

All I want is you right now 
Those deep brown eyes that saw 
Right into my twisted soul 
That crooked smile you threw my way 

The rain continues to pour down 
The smell of wet earth teases me 
The fragrance of jasmine buds 
Blooming wafts into my room 

I will myself to close my eyes 
And allow your memories to wash me over
The next time we meet, would it rain again?
Would it always drench me, like your love?

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  1. Rain has always brought out the loveydovey within us no :)

  2. It was raining when I first met the love of my life....and it rained on the day I married him too!! lovely verse!

  3. Beautiful, Aathira. I loved this one so much!

  4. Rain and love sure has a connection ! Beautiful poem !

    1. Yes. Rains bring out the romantic in each one of us. Thanks Anita!

  5. Very well written. Beautiful. Simple, passionate and heart warming. Good piece of Poetry. Keep it up, Aathira. God bless you.


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