Thursday, September 19, 2013

Book review - If God was a Banker by Ravi Subramanian

This book by Ravi Subramanian is a typical tale of the good guy vs bad guy set in the background of a bank -  namely, New York International Bank. Sundeep Srivastava is the reckless one who would stoop to any levels to get what he wants. Swaminathan is the one values honesty and ethics and would never dream of compromising his personal values. Playing God is Aditya Rao, who mentors and guides both Sundeep and Swami. Standing by their side are their wives - Natasha and Kalpana who turn into thick friends despite personal differences among their husbands. Ravi Subramanian takes us into the dirty world of office politics and sexual harassment at the work place where many turn a blind eye in favour of climbing the corporate ladder. 

After reading the book I felt that there are a lot of Sundeeps out there and Swami seemed more of a rare individual whom I felt was slightly exaggerated. Are there really such honest persons in today's corporate world ? I don't think so, or more accurately, none that I know of ! 

Overall, a fast paced book which revolves around the bank and its employees, from their desks to the late night parties which one has to attend in order to socialize. I would give this a 3 on 5. Read this one if you like the banking industry or would like to sneak a peak into the lives of bankers. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Unexpected

Having lived in Dubai for quite some time now, I have gotten used to the many weather changes that occur randomly in the City. And today's weather was totally unexpected and glorious. Started off as a sand storm which graduated into a cloudy weather which turned into a heavy downpour with lightening. And just when I thought I would not be getting any rains this year! What a beautiful evening. Beautiful, dark, mysterious and unpredictable. Just like the City herself. And driving through the rain (He Drove, I was just enjoying the rains!) was indeed, pure bliss. Keeping my fingers crossed for the next downpour.

Here are some shots that I managed to capture on phone. Forgive the quality, I don't think full justice is being given to the pictures, but here goes.

The Beginning

                                                                      The Drizzle

The Downpour

                                                                      Almost there

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