Saturday, December 3, 2016

Winter Musings

The past couple of days I woke up to a beautiful sight. Mist covered greenery through my window. Definitely one of the perks of staying in a flat are the gorgeous views that greet you from your balcony or windows, if you're lucky. Like the most of us, I'm guilty of reaching for the mobile even before opening my eyes. Instead of doing that, I tried listening to the   sounds from around as I woke up today morning. As cliched as it may sound, the chirping of birds is one of the best sounds to wake up to. 

The year is coming to an end with just a month to go. It's raining outside as I write this. December couldn't have started off on a better note. Being a bibliophile, one of the first things that comes to my mind when I think of December is A Christmas Carol. Who can forget the infamous Scrooge and his ghosts created by Dickens? Another happy memory is singing Christmas carols along with friends in the school choir group. Hanging huge paper stars on your porch was a much awaited event too. 

Experiencing a white Christmas is one of the things on the bucket list. That's what happens as a result of watching too many Hollywood movies during Christmas time, I guess. It gives you a lot of winter goals :) So, tell me, what are your favorite Christmas memories? 


  1. The best Christmas memories are those from during my stay in Dubai. Huge Christmas trees in malls, red and green dominating the decorations and of course, gifts. Playing Santa during college also comes to mind. :)
    Nice post, Aathira. :)

  2. Hello there Aathira, I happen to stumble upon your blog and it's a wonderful new world to me. I'll be reading more of your posts soon and looking forward to many more.

    I had my first snow last year when I moved to the US and it has officially become my perfect Christmas till date. This year I'm waiting for it to make snow angels :D Happy December to you :)

  3. Me too.. I badly want to experience a white Christmas! I guess I get that from watching Home Alone far too man times!

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