Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer Nights

On nights like these when the heat gets to be too much
I lie awake under the stars and think about you 
When even the winds blowing my way
Are laden with perspiration and broken dreams 
I picture you and crave for your touch 

I yearn for you from the depths of my soul
The sound of your voice that embraced me in its folds 
The warmth of your hands 
Your joyous laughter that still rings loud in my ears 
Tell me...
On summer nights like these, do you miss me too?

P.S. So sorry for not replying to all the comments on recent posts. I don't have my laptop and the only writing I do these days is on my mobile. But thank you for writing in despite my silence. Love you all <3

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Let us leave our pasts behind 
Just for tonight
Shedding it all right outside the door
As you enter into my life for tonight 

Let nothing else matter 
Not yesterdays nor tomorrows 
All that exists is the here and now 
Just you and me 

Let me trace the outline of your lips with mine 
Take in the scent of you 
Fresh sweat mingled with honeysuckle 
The scars on your body, let me memorize it for they make you more beautiful 

Open hair spilling across and falling on your shoulders 
That bead of nervous sweat on your upper lip 
Let me kiss it away, just like your many troubles 
Skin on skin, let our bodies create a music for our ears alone

Your eyes dark with desire reminds me of the moonless night right outside
The kohl beneath them turning into a darker shade of midnight 
Dips and valleys of your body 
Now familiar like my own 

Tomorrow I have to get back to my life 
And you have to too 
But tonight is ours and ours alone 
Let me cherish and imprint this night on my feeble memory forever 
For you and you alone... 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Her skin was brown 
From working in the sun 
More than she should have 

Her fingers were calloused 
From the dirty dishes 
She had to wash daily 
Her hair which had begun greying 
Near her temples, were thin and limp 
She no longer had time to pamper herself 

Her hands were bony and firm 
No longer gentle and supple
Her belly had silvery stretch marks
From the life that she had carried inside 

There were wrinkles beginning to form 
At the deepmost corner of her eyes 
The smell of sweat permeated from her pores
Clinging on to her like a second skin

But for the little boy who had grown up 
Calling her Ma, she was the most 
Beautiful woman he had ever seen 
And she truly was, breathtakingly so
Like a verse of mesmerizing poetry 

The Mermaid

Red hair blazing
Blue tail shimmering 
Behold her beautiful sight!
She's one of a kind 
Queen of the sea 
The kingdom at her command 
It was all very well
Till she fell in love 
With the other side
Paying no heed 
To accusations or deceit 
But on land things were different 
She did not know so then
The price she would have to pay
Swapping her old life for new 
But no matter how hard she tried
She could never fit in a world
That refused space for a soul like hers
In the end she returned to the sea 
Only to be shunned again
Broken hearted, 
She took her place among the stars 
Today, her teardrops can be found
In the form of morning dew 
On the grass outside... 

P.S. This has been inspired by the story of the little mermaid that I loved as a child. 

Monday, June 15, 2015


She lies in a pool of blood
Her face a pale shade of grey
And her lips turning blue
In the dirty battle of life she has lost 
But even as death hovers above
Threatening to kiss those blue lips
She smiles, for she has won in love...

P.S. I'm sorry for not visiting any blogs recently. A heartfelt thanks to everyone who kept coming back despite it all. I love you guys. I shall visit you soon. Promise. 

P.P.S. I shall try and post not-so-depressing stuff in future. For now, please bear with me.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Loving You

Tingling toes
A thudding heart
Sweaty palms
Parched throat
A thousand butterflies fluttering in my belly
A bolt of lightning that courses through my body
Each time you say my name 
A heartbeat that's leapt off me and into yours
Together they beat as one right now 
And I realize that I loving you has never been this easier
Let me say that I love you for now
Always have
Always  will...

Friday, June 12, 2015

You know you're a writer...

...when you miss the bold and italics feature even while writing on social media.

...when you're a solitary being and prefer your own company and a fun night means a glass of wine and a book at the end of the day.

...when you can get away with almost everything in the name of research. Addicted to Castle and Grey's Anatomy? Not to worry, I'm sure you will find inspiration in there somewhere. 

...when on those few occasions you are forced to be dragged out of bed in the name of social interactions, you find yourself in a corner shamelessly eavesdropping on conversations.

...when everything and I do mean everything, turns into fodder for your writing. The irritating pigeons who won't stop going at it outside your window? Turn them into cooing doves and weave it in between a line of poetry.

...whenever you meet someone new, you immediately try to find more about them. Not because you want to be their new best friend, but because they would make an excellent friend for your protagonist. 

...when you wish there was some sort of app/ technology that would help you to write even when you're half asleep, because that's when most of your ideas and inspiration strikes (like this very post) as it's highly unlikely that you would wake up and write it down in those early hours of morning leaving the warmth and comfort of your bed. The result in most cases being that you end up forgetting almost all of those brainwaves. The key word being almost. Side effects- frustration and regret throughout the day. 

...when people you hate end up dead in the stories you write. Of course, we will never admit that it's not fiction. No, not a chance. 

...when it's possible to travel without moving your feet. Feeling homesick? We just have to close our eyes and we are right there. Missing the rains? Conjure up a rainbow right now. See, anything is possible. 

...when you can tune yourself out of boring conversations effortlessly. Sure, I may look like I'm listening but chances are that I'm probably plotting my next chapter. 

...when you turn into grammar nazis while on social media and are tempted to gift a dictionary to a lot of people in your friends list, making you wonder how they ended up there in the first place. Or even think of reasons as to why there shouldn't be a crash course for people called 'Etiquettes and avoiding typos on social media'. I digress. But you get the point.

...when you are in awe of people who string along few sentences in a beautiful rhythm. People who remind you that literature and poetry are still alive and kicking. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Nights like these, when sleep deludes me
I close my eyes and think about you
Of the way you had fit in snugly in my arms
The mole just below your collar bone 
The scar on your left eyebrow left behind by a bout of chicken pox while you were still a child
The way you love your coffee scalding hot
Those cute little snores you make while you lie on your back
The ticklish spot on the side of your belly
Of the imperfect completeness that you were to me
And I can't help but wonder whether he notices all this about you today...

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Little things bother me today. A break in habit. A dream that could be lost forever. Cracks in the world around. A memory that refuses to fade even with time. An ache that's left in the wake of a beautiful soul...

Monday, June 1, 2015

An Everlasting Love

Image courtesy: Tumblr

Their memories of an earlier life had started fading with time, one before commitments and responsibilities, before their children and grandchildren came along. There were days when he forgot where he had kept his reading glasses and she forgot whether she had taken her medication or not, but together they always stumbled their way towards each other. 

That night as she sat combing her hair in front of their bedroom mirror, he got a glimpse of the woman who had won over his heart many years ago, on a night just like this one. He closed his eyes and pictured the way she had looked then, the memory still fresh in his mind if he concentrated hard enough. She had smelt of wild roses and tasted like honey, but the twinkle in her eyes had refused to fade even with time.

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