Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer Nights

On nights like these when the heat gets to be too much
I lie awake under the stars and think about you 
When even the winds blowing my way
Are laden with perspiration and broken dreams 
I picture you and crave for your touch 

I yearn for you from the depths of my soul
The sound of your voice that embraced me in its folds 
The warmth of your hands 
Your joyous laughter that still rings loud in my ears 
Tell me...
On summer nights like these, do you miss me too?

P.S. So sorry for not replying to all the comments on recent posts. I don't have my laptop and the only writing I do these days is on my mobile. But thank you for writing in despite my silence. Love you all <3


Your feedback is always appreciated! Thank you!

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