Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Let us leave our pasts behind 
Just for tonight
Shedding it all right outside the door
As you enter into my life for tonight 

Let nothing else matter 
Not yesterdays nor tomorrows 
All that exists is the here and now 
Just you and me 

Let me trace the outline of your lips with mine 
Take in the scent of you 
Fresh sweat mingled with honeysuckle 
The scars on your body, let me memorize it for they make you more beautiful 

Open hair spilling across and falling on your shoulders 
That bead of nervous sweat on your upper lip 
Let me kiss it away, just like your many troubles 
Skin on skin, let our bodies create a music for our ears alone

Your eyes dark with desire reminds me of the moonless night right outside
The kohl beneath them turning into a darker shade of midnight 
Dips and valleys of your body 
Now familiar like my own 

Tomorrow I have to get back to my life 
And you have to too 
But tonight is ours and ours alone 
Let me cherish and imprint this night on my feeble memory forever 
For you and you alone... 


  1. It is so strange that the last poem I wrote is on the same note :)

    Soul sister, I love you! <3

    1. Indeed! Thanks Love :) And I love you more! <3

  2. woww :D what a lovely rendition!

  3. Very sensual and passionate. And it is written with such clarity of Emotions that any one can feel the depth of feeling in the Poetry of a wonderful Pen. Very Good. Keep it up.

  4. I read Soumya's poem and now yours...gosh, so exquisitely woven..the perfect touch of sensuousness. Emotions brought out just right. You girls are so gifted!

    1. Your comment has made my day, Uma! Thanks a ton! I absolutely loved Soumya's poem too :)


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