Monday, September 9, 2013

The Unexpected

Having lived in Dubai for quite some time now, I have gotten used to the many weather changes that occur randomly in the City. And today's weather was totally unexpected and glorious. Started off as a sand storm which graduated into a cloudy weather which turned into a heavy downpour with lightening. And just when I thought I would not be getting any rains this year! What a beautiful evening. Beautiful, dark, mysterious and unpredictable. Just like the City herself. And driving through the rain (He Drove, I was just enjoying the rains!) was indeed, pure bliss. Keeping my fingers crossed for the next downpour.

Here are some shots that I managed to capture on phone. Forgive the quality, I don't think full justice is being given to the pictures, but here goes.

The Beginning

                                                                      The Drizzle

The Downpour

                                                                      Almost there

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