Thursday, July 23, 2015

Life's Journey

Image Source: Magpie Tales

I'm tired and weary, exhausted and lonely 
What has been minutes feels like hours 
Still I don't give up, I climb higher and higher
Your presence I miss, each step of the way 

Yet I cannot stop, as much as I want to 
Your memories are like a ghost 
That keeps following in my shadow's wake 
Holding me close, keeping me alive 

The end seems so far away 
I could not turn back even if I wanted to 
I have taken the plunge and I must go on 
Step by step, one at a time, my mind whispers 

I cannot complain, for this was my decision 
And mine alone; blame goes by unshared 
Rivulets of sweat running down by bare back 
Today, I know that I'm the creator of my own destiny

In life's journey we are all alone 
Hopes and dreams fall around shattered 
But remnants of love and longing 
Keeps our heart warm as we must go on...

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