Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I Write To...

I write to remember 
I write to forget 
I write because I know no other way
To find myself 

I write to catch my dreams 
Ones that flutter on the dangerous 
I write to face the demons that haunt me 
I write because I have no other choice 

My words are sometimes stained 
With blood and tears
The blotted words spreading on paper 
Each one speaking out a thousand stories 

I write to heal, to nurse those age old wounds
I write to seek closure from the callings of my past
I write to dwell into the wonders of my future 
I write to live, to feel whole once again 

I write to venture out into the unknown 
I write to seek shelter in the dark 
I write to feel the raindrops kissing my face
And to feel the wind run wildly through my hair

I write to catch hold of a love that deludes me 
And the love that consumes me, body and soul
I write because I have no other way
To discover who I am... 


  1. Perfecto... esp the last para :) Brilliant as always, Aathira!

  2. Very moving. Wow, what a flow ! It just overflowed from the bottom of your heart.
    Good writing, Aathira. Lovely piece.

    1. These words flowed right from my heart :) Thank you, Mr Parsa!

  3. I write to catch hold of a love that deludes me.. Wah! I am having goose bumps all over :)


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