Friday, October 9, 2015

Colors of Love

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What is the color of love, you ask me
Is it the blushing pink on her cheeks
When she smiles for me 
Is it the scarlet red on her trembling lips 
Just before she kisses me
Or is it the coffee brown of her eyes
As she locks hers with mine

Sometimes it's the orange in her hair
When the sun strikes it from behind
Sometimes it's the color of honey on her skin
When she holds me close 
At other times it's the silvery moonlight
That streams in between the window panes

Or the turquoise of the river 
When I row across it for her 
Sometimes it's the color of lavender
When she embraces me 
Black, white and all the colors in between
That's what she will always be 
A kaleidoscope of colors, a mirage... 

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  1. i could picture it :D your poems are such bliss to read :)

  2. It was too good, Aathira, really lyrical, romantic, soulful and absolutely sweet all at the same time ! Wonder how you get the words so effortlessly and make them into a memorable song of love.
    All the best. God bless you.

    1. Thank you, Mr Parsa! You are too kind with your words :)

  3. It was such a beautifully crafted poem Aathira :)
    How you described every color, I loved exploring!


    1. Thanks so much, Geets :) I'm glad you liked it!


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