Saturday, November 7, 2015


When you hold me against my will 
Each time you turn my no into yes
The black and blue eye that you give me 
One that I hide carefully behind makeup
Tied to you eternally by invisible chains
That you lock me with and throw away the key
Deafening silence greets me day and night, stifling my thoughts 

Sophistication I don, a charming smile on my face 
Glossy lips, lustrous hair, a svelte figure
They look at me in envy; she has it all
They don't see the pain behind my smile
The scars on my soul, the bruises on my body
My silence is my armor, the words I form are mute on my lips 
I want to scream my lungs out, but you know that I won't 
For I will always belong to you
Just like another one of your possessions 
Sometimes I curse myself, for it's my desperation too...


  1. Desperation very well described. Chilling at places, but it conveys what the Heart feels like in such situations. Good poetry.God bless you, Aathira, this was a good piece.

    1. Glad you got what I meant to say.. Thanks so much for your prompt comments as always, Mr Parsa :)

  2. So cold and poignant! All of us are victims of desperation at one point of time or the other. :/

  3. Very deep! There is so much that we do out of desperation.


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