Thursday, December 24, 2015



Missing you comes in waves. Sometimes it's the gentle lace wave caressing my feet, carrying the sand beneath them without a moment's notice. 

At other times, it comes crashing down, drenching me from head to toe. And when I least expect it, you are a whirlpool as you drag me down under. Smothering me, the salt water in my eyes and throat, blinding me, not allowing me to breathe, cutting down the flow of oxygen in my blood. 

But I'm still waiting for the day to let go, when I can finally drown in you. Won't you come? Or would you leave me here dying alone on the shore...


  1. Lovely words! Aathira you really create magic with your words :)

  2. In love with the words you weave.. seriously...

  3. I fully agree with Pratikshya Mishra, Aathira you weave words with your magic and love. Great. All the best.

  4. Oh, how evocative this post is. Loved it, entirely.


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