Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Song

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Sing me a song 
One for my ears alone
Take your pain 
And pour it into words
Let it cascade over and down

Write it on my skin
With your fingers 
Tracing each line 
Into my soul
Calloused fingers 
Pencil on paper

Life lies outside
Right beside the open window
In here lies bliss 
Waiting to reawaken
Sing me a song 
For me alone...


  1. This is like your forte... You write some really mesmerising poetry...."in here lies bliss, waiting to reawakens" just perfect.

  2. Very poetical and sweet. At once touching, that is what a Poem should be. Well written, Aathira. Good.

  3. Sing me a song, for me alone.....

    This line is going to resonate within me for a while. Beautiful!

  4. words will make up a good song too:)

  5. I'm picturing you singing this to Words :)

  6. Nothing like music and pain, the combination is heady!


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