Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why I love Mindy

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I had read so many good things about The Mindy Project that I finally decided to check it out myself firsthand. Saw the first episode and was hooked and completely in love with Dr. Mindy Lahiri who is played onscreen by her namesake Mindy Kaling. 

I love everything about the show. And I mean everything. Love? Check. Hot guy? Check. Cute guy? Check. Funny guy? Check, check and check. But it is Mindy who's the star of the show as the name suggests. She steals your heart with her sense of humor and her ways of life as she knows it. 

Her confidence and no nonsense attitude is what I like the best about her. Mindy is not size zero, yet she is unapologetic about it and revels in herself. The best part is that she is not simply shown as just another girl searching for love. She is a doctor, an Ob Gyn , no less and is dedicated to her profession and friends. She wears what she likes, carrying off even the loudest of clothes at an ease that makes you want to be her. 

What's not to like about the show? I binge watched all three seasons, laughing sometimes till tears ran from my eyes! Seriously, watch it and you won't regret it. It is not just Mindy, but there are so many other lovable characters, another favorite being Morgan, one of the male nurses at her practice. He never fails to crack me up. His jokes are always spot on. 

And not only is Mindy an actor, she's a writer too. Another reason to like love her! Though I haven't read her books, I shall be buying them soon. Mindy breaks all the stereotypes of Indian women on media, kicking ass as simply her fabulous self. She loves her bagels, doughnuts and cake as much as you and me. 

Isn't she awesome or what! You can imagine my disappointment when I watched the last episode of The Mindy Project season 3 yesterday. Imagine having to wait impatiently for more of her mind blowing Mindyness. It doesn't help that they decided to halt with a cliff hanger. Not. At. All. Though I had read the news that the show has been stopped, I felt really bad. I mean, it's such a good show, it deserves many more seasons. But cheer up, Mindy fans, the show has been picked up by another network (from what I read). So yes, the wait may be long but I'm sure it's definitely going to be worth it.

Okay, for now, let me grab some popcorn and watch it all over again :)


  1. Wow. I always wondered what the hype was about. Imma gonna watch this weekend :)

    1. Watch it, watch it, watch it! You will love it :)

  2. Ditto with Cookie's comment above! I have heard so much about Mindy and her show that i wondered what on earth it was about. Now I know! But I hardly have time these days to write or breathe, so I wonder where shall I squeeze this show.

    But someday, soon.

    1. I get put off by too much hype too. I wanted to see what the hype was all about and started watching it. It turned into an addiction pretty quickly after that :D

      And good Lord, you are a super woman, I tell you. I seriously have no idea how you do it. Actually, I do. Hang in there, and give this a watch when you have time.

  3. I enjoyed the show when I caught a few episodes. Have to agree with the confidence she exudes :)

  4. I've just put it on download.. will watch it soon by reading your reviews.. Thanks for sharing this one Aathira..


  5. I watched this on and off on Comedy Central and loved it but forgot to pursue it further. Thanks for reminding me! Off to download it.

  6. I love love love Mindy. I used to watch it on comedy central and I follow her like a bee on Instagram. Tooooo goood! Even her books I have heard r good!


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